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In the year of retail renaissance, with the growing trend of industry digitalization and the maturity of big data and unified commerce platform technology, enterprises must have the awareness of “data-driven” to complete their own digital transformation in order to better meet the needs of their existing development. In order to achieve these goals, the listed company PEACEBIRD (code: 603877) cooperated with NEXTTAO to build a comprehensive solution based on ” Unified Commerce Platform”, including the integration of platform capabilities such as services, APIs, data, computing, etc.

NEXTTAO employs DataForce and ShopForce to help PEACEBIRD build a large data system architecture which supports high concurrency and linear scalability, and also achieves global data fusion and interoperability. It also provides a set of relevant specifications and data standards and achieves the data access of multiple CRM and ERP systems. Based on the distribution system of PEACEBIRD, customized personalized promotion scheme of brand-new retail landing was designed.

Through this series of operations, we helped PEACEBIRD complete the construction of digital stores and digital supply chain and realized the rapid response of supply chain and the integration of online and offline channels. We have unified the membership system and achieved cross-platform and cross-channel rights and interests exchange by opening up self-operated and off-line distributors, WeChat Subscriptions Platform, T-mall and mall members.

Based on membership tags and attributes, plan automated “regular” precision member marketing. The new generation of mobile intelligent POS on line provides personalized mobile service scenarios for members and uses enterprise WeChat intelligent shopping guide to accurately reach and operate out-of-store members one-to-one. These advantages enable the promotional activities to quickly land at the front.

The unified commerce platform and system provided by NEXTTAO for PEACEBIRD promote the shift from original manual screening to automatic verification. Membership information is automatically de-merged, which can improve the efficiency of risk control and management. In the meanwhile, the membership threshold is lowered, and the membership registration process is shortened. Personalized marketing based on member portraits and out-of-store access based on guided assistants are more conducive to increasing member repurchase rate and realizing the vision of a new retail scene of PEACEBIRD.

Case value

At present, PEACEBIRD has completed the customer-centric, data as the link, the supply chain through the whole link, to achieve online and offline integration of the whole channel operation of digital transformation.

In May, PEACEBIRD released its 2018 annual report: 2018 operating income increased 7.78 percent, net profit increased 27.51 percent, the best performance since PEACEBIRD’s inception. PEACEBIRD, which has nearly 4,600 stores below the line, has achieved rapid growth in a short period of time in an environment of declining consumption growth. Its digital transformation path has become a model for many enterprises to refer to.

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